open up yourself to joy

Glee - open up yourself to joy!

ah..i used to enjoying watching Glee. season 1 particularly and part of season 2. the fact that the cast managed to showcase the musics in such way, really hooked me up. who ever thought the journeys ' don't stop believing' was such a breakthrough and people started to humming back the song in many ways. ah...i'll try to find my favorite moments from the series later on.

anyway..other than the music showcase, and being quite a loser back at school..( was college year actually)..the story of glee kids at early days of the series, has been quite an admiration. finding where to fit in when you are different etc. the struggle of school teacher etc.

my interest on this series however faded as they started to expose more and open up to the teenage issues, lgbt etc. which i couldn't stomach very much...particularly kurt. then the new faces came in etc. erghh...and i lost track of the story (but still doesn't stop me from listening the mp3 of the seasons..hehe)

i decided to tune into 711 tonight and watching the premiere of season 4. for sake of giving the series 2nd chance after missing a lot. well..i must say...the first 2 episodes are not bad. and the Britney 2.0 thing..well...this is my favourite..the mash-up of these 2 great songs...! enjoys

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