my 1st day with lumia

ah. after considering a lot of things, particularly budget...i decided to go for this lumia 620 as my new hp. spent a lot of times surfing the net, finding the reviews for this thing, but apparently, this phone has just been announced in Dec12 and made available in the market last month (except for north america). i think it was launched in malaysia during the 2nd week of january, hence explained the wrinkles on people forehead as i mentioned about this phone. in fact, because it is still new...accessories (3rd party) are not yet available, particularly the screen protector. why it is important? well..this ain't a gorilla-glass thingy and it will be (easily) scratched. (- factor for the phone).

my 1st day.
well...the shop at klcc only had 2 colours available..white vs. yellow and i decided to go for the yellow. kinda a bold statement there. hehe. ah..btw..the cute (hot) nokia girl that entertain my purchasing helped to set up everything (even before i swiped my card) - the sim card, registering the account, downloading the necessaries etc. a plus point for the shop and her. hehe. (aku ghase dia org ganu sebab bila speaking KL cam ada part2 terbabas sket slang tu). anyway...will be visiting her (opss..the shop) again to buy the back-casing when other colours are available in stock. in fact..since she mentioned...if need to set anything..just come (to her?). statement...hehehe

lumia 620. you can google the specs from nokia website itself.
what i like about this far

1. Windows 8 platform seems running like a breeze on this phone...despite the spec of this phone is more or less same like my HTC One V, which tend to hang when multitasking. 
2. Windows 8 platform, particularly the LiveTiles...awesome. something different compared to my experience with iOS and android.
3. Clearblack LCD of Nokia....despite the fact on paper, resolution is no near rentina display or as high as galaxy 3 or its big brothers (920 and 820) looks good. really good. i tell you.
4. I'm no longer a youngster, but the fact that you can change (buy) the back-casing up to a number of's pretty cool. hehe. can do this too with 820.
5. Expandable memory up to 64gb. among the reasons i decided not to go with lumia 800 was because the memory is non-expandable at 16gb and i have a lot of musics and videos to put on mobile...hence with this lumia 620..i can have it!
6. Nokia Map, Nokia Drive and Nokia City Lens - the gps locked fast and you even can navigate offline!

and i'm start thinking to buy another one as a present to my dad, for his birthday (on top of the oz trip neh..ish ish).

okeh. hope this honeymoon will last me with good memories and future. huhu. 

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