Road to Aki Nabalu - It's the climb! (p4)

after settled all things - qada' solat, mandi, pack and unpack things, charging the batteries etc. i lied on the bunk bed and tried to sleep.

i barely sleep that night.
a slice of motivation was taken away when knowing four of us will not be joining for the summit climb. it kept me thinking (and awake) whether to go for the summit or not. yes. i was exhausted. but somehow, Alhamdulillah, that was only it. i didn't feel any muscle pain, sprain or whatsoever.

oh. at 3000m above the sea level, even the hostel was heated, it was still freezing.
and as i was about to enter my rem-cycle, it was already time to wake up. i think i slept less than 1 hour that night. it was 2am already, and the hostel started to get busy with people preparing for summit climb. i pulled my blanket for another few minutes of power nap, but then heard nizar's told others to wake me up. hmm...okeh. 'it's time to go'.

went to the toilet. clean up myself. brush my teeth. and get ready with all the stuff - my backpack for my cameras, mineral water, snack etc., the headlamp etc. then we moved to the cafe for supper. was crowded and as usual...the queue was long. i don't know...when it comes to eat..people can be barbaric. LOL. i barely ate...because it was not my normal time to eat. but since i need energy for the summit climb, i just grabbed some.

we ate while waiting all of the team to arrive and done. then hafriz got his normal nature's call and went back to the hostel. and this time he accidentally took my headlamp. that wasn't a good sign.

we gathered in front of our hotel with our guides...telling all the do's and don'ts...and as usual rambling about if we unable to make it by certain time yada2..better to stop etc. and go back to laban rata. sigh. what a motivation.

we were among the last group to leave laban rata...and as mentioned i had to change back the headlamp with hafriz. ampeh aa ko..sorry...i could be a believer of bad-omen sometimes. like this...and it was true..because of the headlamp was taken..i was unable to change the battery (it was freezing nearly sub-zero and it was really2 hard to do such detailed task). gosh...the headlamp light was a bit dimmer as i started to hike.

we began our summit climb..and i was at the tail of the group with our guides, shawn, zue and isal. something wasn't right with zue that morning. she sort of out-of-breath and drained. altitude sickness probably...coz she barely walked and needed rest quite frequent.

anyway, while i thought our group is still in front of us...i was wrong..they moved faster. even isal started to leave us. i was wrong...i thought everybody was slowing down because of waiting for the queue to climb the route etc. but actually you could just overtake anybody if you want. ah...

i can't express how much my mental distracted when climbing in the dark. seriously...i was scared..scared because i didn't know what's next to the trail...and anything can happened. at one point..we were climbing at the edge of the rock...and i was scared and held the rope like my life really depends on it. it was dark and the guides asked everyone to hold tight because if you slipped from the'll be the end..btw.. (tapi dalam pada tu..tetiba pulak aku tengok guides nih jalan kat batu atas aku dgn catwalk nye..yeap..because they know the trail)...

finally we arrived sayat2...around 5am. and that was after 2hrs of hiking in the dark for 1km. zue finally surrendered and decided to stay at the hut. it was only me and shawn left with one of our guides. and we moved slowly. i think we were among the last small group/pack that just passed the sayat-sayat hut. others already in front.

it was dark and freezing. with both visual and mental clouded...i didn't know how was the surrounding looks should i hike etc. the guide (james) told us to follow the rope..and we both didn't just follow the rope...but we held the rope like our life depends on it. at one point, i was actually crawling on the rock, holding the rope. but it was funny to notice suddenly, some of the climbers walking/running straight next to you. ah!..the deviation is ok to stand straight!.

it was 630am..and the mist was thick...i barely see things in front..except some lights from other climbers..and it was still far away.. james held my hand the pull me and shawn to walk faster...but i surrendered and asked them to walk and let me do at my own pace.funny..shawn was actually didn't notice that i was left behind by them...she apologized to me later...which for me no biggies..

500metres to km8...seemed a very long journey. i could see the light of others..and i thought i was getting closer...but it felt that the km8 still far away. ah...i almost give up. again this time..i was hiking alone. in the dark and in almost sub-zero temperature.

finally. at 7am...i arrived km8. shawn and james were waiting for me....


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