Road to Aki Nabalu - It's the climb! (p3)

After 4km of hiking mesilau trail, we were finally left behind by others. It was only me, nizar and mas...well of course our guides stayed with us. honestly, the energy seemed to drain faster from there onwards and i think it was our emotion actually clouded, knowing the fact that we might not be able to make it to laban rata before dark. the guides were actually not that they loved to quote 'we will not be able to make it before dark'... etc. in fact..with lesser people, i honestly didn't feel the joy that we had when we first started our journey that morning. not much people to tease etc. ah..that time i thought i should have bought the walkie least we could communicate with others in front.

what the heck. we decided to take our own time and enjoying mesilau trail. it was like middle earth...with the landscape changing with the altitude.

motif amik gambar neh? terpegun lah tu..LOL

road to middle earth

see...macam LOTR
at km5 of mesilau...i started to break away from nizar and mas. they both seemed pretty tired and drained, hence unable to go faster. the guides told me to move at my own pace as they will stayed with mas and nizar. seriously. felt kind of guilty since i'd been complaining about others leaving us behind and now, i had to. i completed the 6km mesilau trail after 6hrs of hiking...and reached the junction below around 4pm. i sat down and waited for them for quite sometimes...restoring my energy etc.

finally, after half-an-hour waiting...our guides arrived at the junction, but nizar and mas were still behind. after 15 minutes waiting...the guides told me to proceed alone since there'd be another 2km of hiking to laban rata. and i started to walk...alone this time...sob sob..sedey dowh.

honestly..that was the longest 2km of my life. hiking alone this time really tested my everything...particularly my motivation as i started to regret for joining the trip (boleh ke?). was my camera and the scenery that distract the emotion away.

walking alone and seeing the top which seemed to look near...yet still far far away...ergh...

km5.5 and i had another 500 metres to reach laban rata. and my motivation suddenly went up again for a while. was harder than i thought...i was here around 630pm just before the sunset but i ended up arriving laban rata in when it was dark already. oh..from this point was freezing already...and the wind was like..erghhh...sejuk dowh!!!. anyway... i met Fizi who had to slow down due to altitude sickness. he sort of having hard time to breath and i decided to slow down my pace and walk with him. he insisted me just to walk and not to worry about him, but i was not that heartless. suddenly wondering where were others from the team. 'aren't we supposed to look out for each other?'. 

i moved just a little bit faster than him, but still making sure that he was still within my view. we stopped at few places including the creepy paka-hut which is near the cave. erghh...i didn't know something wrong with the place..and only after mas told me that the guides told her and nizar to sit other than in the hut itself and insisted not to stay longer there...huhuhu.

anyway..after few hundred metres hiking with fizi....suddenly i heard familiar voice in front of me... it was shawn and zizi. and they had to slow down because zizi was having altitude sickness too. his heart was pumping like running on the track etc. and he was worried going faster. and too the darkness, their headlamp was not working well. again...i was wondering..where the hell others? how could they just left shawn..a lady to walk with zizi in that condition?

it was freezing at 3000+ metres altitude...and we walked closely in the dark. Fizi was still behind us, but within our case anything. i tried to contact nizar and mas...but then no luck coz no Digi coverage there.

Finally...we arrived at laban rata at 830pm. few of our group members already went to the room...resting.. while few having good time enjoying the dinner and night time outside the cafe. we went inside the cafe and was greeted by zu and aripp...and had our dinner. 

one thing for sure...we both ( me and shawn) were pissed off with Cheol. Being the eldest, he didn't show any compassion to us who just arrived and kept asking about tomorrow's plan etc.  i just felt like throwing the hot coffee all over his face for being so insensitive. we both decided to move from the table and had our dinner far away from him.

the cafe was about to close and it was only 3 of us (me,shawn and zu) decided to stay and waited for mas and nizar. and finally they arrived. i was a bit emotional when met them coz finally everybody safely arrived. i don't know... probably part of it...i just felt responsible to ensure everybody ok. has been a very loooooong day for us...particularly the last 4 that arrived. before we went to our room for break...(which was another 200m)..the guides told us that we need to make a decision whether to continue or not with the summit climb since we just arrived and may not have the energy to proceed etc. 4 of us decided not climb...Mas, Nizar, Fizi and Zizi...and that already took part of my motivation for tomorrow's climb. was another 200m from the cafe to our room..and this time we had to walk with our luggage as the porter already off-duty. as i stepped onto my room..everybody already lied down and resting..and some already in the middle of the rem-cycle...sleeping like a baby. comment about laban rata was only one.. NO HOT WATER...erghhh!!!!

regardless the temperature ( the hostel/cabin was heated btw)...which was freezing..i decided to take a bath and clean up myself...and qada' all the solat that i missed. and then went to sleep....waiting for the ultimate part of the climb..tomorrow...

till be continued...

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