Road to Aki Nabalu - It's the climb! (p2)

The day has arrived. Either nervousness or excitement that woke everyone up early, i couldn't tell. but for me, it was both feelings. 730am, everybody already gathered in front of our lodge and waiting for the van to pick us up to the cafe for breakfast, hence check-out from the resort.

Bob's Waterproof Backpack Cover...selfmade!

Our Bags
 We left our bags at the head office and went for breakfast at the cafe.

btw. to my suprise, we hadn't actually settled our porter and luggage arrangement that morning...and it was even more, when the guides cum our porters didn't realize that we were going to climb via Mesilau. Looking at the clock, it was past 8am already, and we had not settled things yet, except breakfast.

we had to go to mesilau resort to enter the trail and that was another 30mins drive from kinabalu park. we were already late when arrived there i.e. 9am. late...because the trail will add another 2km of our journey and normally people would start no later than 8am to avoid reaching laban rata after dark.

after short briefing and warming up ourselves, we began our long journey.

 the first few hundred metres after the gate went fast...and i was in front (weird). even heard people shouted us to slow down.

i don't know...but the pace seems really slow. it took us almost 1 hr to arrive at our first km. and we had quite a long break where we ate our packed lunch etc. 

and the journey continued. this time the group started to break into few small groups already. the fast-pace group started leaving us. and i remember a quote ' ko bawak la first aid kit ni satu...semua dekat yang laju2 ni'. i think it would be good if one of them that tolerate the pace and walk with us, since 'kitaorg dahla lambat..then kena tambah angkut barang lain'. anyway, i chose not to argue since i felt responsible to keep the last group intact eventhough we were left behind.

anyway...being in the last group by choice...i could spend more time with taking pictures. well..eventhough i that pace...i was risking myself from arriving laban rata on time. but..waddaheck! the surrounding of the trail is precious and not to be missed!

They are admiring the nature's wall. LOL
Another break...and this time our guides already mumbling and kept telling us that we gonna arrive by night time.

and after this bridge...the last group then broke into 2 small groups. left me, nizar and mas with our guides. much for being in a team. (sentap jugakk...)

to be continued....

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