Road to Aki Nabalu - It's the climb! (p1) was the day that we waited for. our ultimate highlight of the trip began. we will be meeting the others who flew early morning at the airport, where our travel agent will take us to Kinabalu park. but then, it'd be in the afternoon, so we still had plenty of time to mingle around KK. btw...Mas got a call from Izat, and discovered that she actually left her phone at the Ocean Village restaurant,where we had dinner the night before.

Photocopy of P Ramlee's IC 

i received text and call from others, asking for my help to do some last minute shopping for them - walking stick, gloves, rubber shoes etc. was kind of annoying actually to know how some just taking this trip lightly, while we've been communicating throughout the emails for the past few weeks, sharing and reminding all the dos and dont's etc.

we took a cab to terminal 2 of KK airport around 11am, and meeting others there. seriously, the team was sort of lack of team leader, as we arrived there, we were sort of all over the place. finding the groups, gathering, looking for the agent etc. even some, was happily having lunch upstairs while few of us busy gathering people. eventhough it was just a simple glitch, but i felt that i was just a bad. i met the agent already, but then he was sort of has no clue and kept telling me that he was waiting fro shawn etc. etc. while i told him that shawn already told me to find him and bring him to the group that was waiting outside the terminal.

finally, everybody managed to be at the same place. and while waiting for the bus, as usual, a quick photo.

the bus stopped for a while at Ocean Village Restaurant to pick-up Mas's hp and then another quick stop the City Centre shopping mall for lunch. We made another stop at Tamparuli's Upside-down House. well, it was just a quick photo in front of the house as we didn't want to be late arriving Kinabalu park.

we arrived Kinabalu park around 4pm and quickly settled all the registration and room allocation etc. ah...only one thing that caught my attention, the next day plan i.e. climbing seemed not clearly settled as we didn't have the chance meeting the person that'd managing our trip - porters, luggage etc. all to be done on th e next day...and i got a feeling that that was just ain't right.

the happy faces ...hehe..dalam hati neves tuh

the bags

miss organizer and zu completing the registration of the team

happy faces lagi

Our Room at Kinabalu Park

Lepak2 with Acap

Nature's Beauty at Kinabalu Park

since sabah's time is actually earlier than peninsular, it was already dark by 6pm. we had our prayer and then had our dinner at the resort cafe. i had to call the lobby for the hotel to pick us up since the cafe is quite far from the lodge.

Lepak2 at lobby while waiting for the transport to our lodge
Busy testing (and show off) the high-tech outdoor watches... LOL!
the night at kinabalu park was pleasantly cold. and everybody seemed to go to bed early, preparing for tomorrow's journey..... (tbc)

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