Road to Aki Nabalu - Jesselton de-tour (p3)

we had another one day to rest before meeting the team. Hafriz went back to his home after had breakfast at his favourite restaurant in the city centre. ah...i forgot the name already..but sure i'll update this later. anyway, it is recommended, as i think the taste were up to the standard of tekak2 orang semenanjung neh, and also it has plenty of selection on the menu...from breakfast to lunch etc.

after that we spent our time strolling around the city , particularly the shopping mall...doing some last minute shopping, while waiting for Mas to join us. her flight arrived by almost noon and then we went straight for lunch at Suria Mall. we went out again after asar as Mas got few things to buy and of course, all of us ended up buying things to ourselves. much for retail theraphy. 

for dinner, we went to Ocean Seafood Village this time. We had our contractor buying us dinner there and few of our friends who went for the SPE ATW, joined us too. Pricey...and i think the taste was just ok, and since we ordered quite a lot...we were bloated feasting ourselves. 

after dinner...all of us...out of the blue...cari pasal pegi Spa at Helen Spa. Hasmizah was the one that recommended this place as she has been the regular customer there. Compliance katanya....LOL. most decided to have the foot massage...but me...well...since already had a good foot massage on the night before, decided to go for 1.5 hours full body massage. Darn cheap..for rm70.

oh..when Hasmizah said it is compliance, she was referring that i can request for male therapist for that matter. yeap...i'm trying to avoid for female therapist for body massage...since terasa dah insaf sekarang. it was good session coz it'd been ages since the last time i had full body massage like that. the downside is that, my therapist was too friendly and chatting almost throughout the session and tricked me (and most of us) to add another rm10 for their spa special massage oil. sigh...

the night ended bit late as our spa session finished almost midnight. we then took a cab that cost us rm10 from Warisan to our hotel....ah..then Mas just realised that she misplaced her handphone we arrived at our room...jeng jeng jeng...

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