reality bites!

ahah. in the mood of watching these days  so-called 'reality shows' and of course, the singing competition. yes..please..absolutely NO GLEE project, NO and no.

since my social-network days gone...except for blogging and a quick mention in my google+, my routine now has reverted back to the idiot box. other than having my marathon on series like the big-bang, melissa and joey, once upon a time etc. , i can't help myself from 701 for the past few days. well..surely because the Voice is back!!!.

i think this season, based on the blind audition so far...are superb. america has so much talents, specifically singer, to showcase and these days, i believe theVoice has set the standard. who can't forget the epic battle of Jesse Campell vs. Anthony from the last season? hehe. anyway...the coaches, all of them are entertaining to watch and are very in-to the show. in fact theVoice, didn't take the advantage to showcase the not-so-good ones, as much as the XF trying to showcase the embarrassment. even for the blind audition...everybody are good!

what about other shows?

American Idol - well...i left this show in my history book since David Cook vs. Archuletta days. but i think i'm gonna reserve some spot for the upcoming season as two of my favorite artistes are the judges, MC and Keith. but i'm not sure why they picked Nicki relevant is she? huhu.

X-Factor - a big joke. i don't know...if AI showcase the embarrasment during the audition is not enough, X-Factor bring it to a greater level ---> in front of all in the big arena. WTF? just to hear how crude simon could be when criticising? hehe. too bad...even with Britney and Demi, in the picture as if to rescue the ratings...i think i'd passed this one.

okeh. i'm rooting for some good voices from theVoice3 to keep me watching the show such as those below. they are good!


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