tentang sahabat

i met faizarif early this afternoon after we had our friday pray.
we had lunch at chinoz and had a long talk, since it has been a while. eventhough we are working at the same place, in the same building etc.

i am grateful to have a good friend like him.
always warm and wanting to see, share and talk to me.

i was his best-man during the wedding. i was the only friend, that he invited to attend his 'akad nikah'.
i was his only friend that attended all of his event. like his father happily quoted to me ' good. you attend all of our events'.

again. our meeting this afternoon just remind me that, i don't have to try so hard to be a true friend and finding a true friend.

thanks bro.

but i am bit sad.
my two good friends sort of missing from my chapter, or probably it is me who's already missing from their chapter.

one is just assumed that i'm missing, as faiz quote. and faiz met him at his open house recently.
it makes me wonder.it just take phone call to verify thing. but he didn't do. probably he no longer want to be friend to me.

well if you ask me why i didn't start first? i 'vaguely' respect their privacy now, as both are now already married, hence  i don't want to be nagging around asking for lepak. i just let them to decide whenever they free and want to.

like i used to quote. our friendship now is just like a lazy sunday morning tennis match...it takes (a lot of) time for each other (them) to return the ball.

anyway. i'm still glad and grateful for meeting faiz this afternoon.

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