Road to Aki Nabalu - Nuang's edition (p3)

we took our time, resting at Pacat camp before descending. restore our energy back.
but then i couldn't stomach with Cheol. he was so impatient and kept insisting us to start moving etc.
finally, we just let him to descend by himself.

okeh. in general, the total distance from the base camp to Pacat camp was about 8km, based on my runkeeper apps, and we managed to do it in 4hrs. Pardon the hours recorded, as i did pause the apps each time we took the break etc.

well done.
the journey down to the base was another waaayyy left for us. the group now separated into few...with Cheol already far away, selfishly, followed by Zue and Bob, then Acap and Hafriz...then finally Me, waiting for Mas, with two of our guides - Mas (another one) and Syuk. Acong/Apek already in front as he got to lead the descend, in case Cheol terpeleot ke apa. i care kan?

we stopped and spent our time enjoying the stream at Lolo camp.

Mas doing Catwalk while crossing the river
 After  had quite a long break at Lolo Camp, we continued our journey...and just a while after that...we stopped again. hehe. Time time, another long break as our guides, Mas and Syuk...sempat masak maggi lagi...and shared among us. Memang terbaek la diaorang neh!

Masak Maggi tu!
Bedal Nasi Lemak 
 Then we continued our journey to the base camp. It was already 5pm if not mistaken, and we met few groups of hikers ascending, as they were planning to camp at Lolo camp. Cool ain't? Boleh plan sometimes neh.
Gugur di bumi

Hutan Buluh kungfu panda

Victory!..ko hade?
The last group which was us...arrived the base camp at almost 7pm. We cleaned up ourselves and then jamak all the prays yang dah terburn tadi at the surau nearby. We left the base camp at almost 8pm and stopped for dinner at Ruz-Aladdin. Bedal nasi beriani dengan bersungguh2...ganti all the calories that was burnt. hahah.

The accomplishment of this journey to Pacat camp, eventhough not till the Peak, was quite a motivation. I mean, as they said, 8km trail of Nuang till Pacat camp, is much harder than Kinabalu...and to be up till Pacat camp, is an achievement.

In fact, i felt good too because this time, didn't loose my breath as bad as when hiking Datuk. I was hiking at much relax pace and in no hurry, i had enough supply of food, water etc.

I owe a lot to both of our guides, particularly Mas and Syuk, as they were good and shared a lot of tips for our upcoming Kinabalu trip. They motivated us in a sense that, it is hurry etc. oh...kaki gossip gak diaorg neh! Me and Maslina eavesdropping all the way ...hahaha.

Okeh...that was the wrap up of our Nuang trip. and it is possible for a revisit...with camping at that  a slow hikers like me can make it to the peak...hehe time will tell when.

Okeh! We made it

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