Road to Aki Nabalu - Nuang's edition (p2)

i didn't tell that this time, i was sort of really preparing myself for the trip. even did extensive shopping on the necessaries -  headlamps, socks, 100 plus, sneakers etc. went to econsave with hafriz on the night before, to get all of these, as we were also told that Nuang will be twice of what Datuk's had offered us. uhuhu...cuak betul.

Btw...the guard told us...if we managed to make it to Pacat camp, the we are fit for Kinabalu....hehe

okeh...the journey begins around 8-8.30am after our photoshoot at the base-camp entrance. the first part of the trail was quite straightforward as it is the road that used by the 4WD and lorries. ...but then made us feel like an endless journey. the scenery, particularly around the bamboos area, was very nice. in a kungfu panda's movie. LOL

Hutan Buluh Kungfu Panda

Bersemangat Waja lagi neh

We had our first stop after almost 3km of hiking. Met few other groups also that started almost the same time like us. friendly but then i was not in the mood for chat as we were actually struggling ascending the steeper part of the trail. semput nak berborak while i was trying to keep my pace and breath etc. huhu

Our first pit-stop

Effect pencahayaan...
 ok...this is when the trail start to get tougher, just when we are about to reach Lolo camp.

the climb like this .... began.

 And we stopped at Lolo camp. this time, our first guide already with us...laju gile dia hike kejar kitaorg. Acong/apek...i'm not sure what did we call him...but it was either or.

and even we had our good rest there...Cheol was impatient and insist us to start moving. sigh.
Btw...Lolo camp is quite big and located near the stream/river and it is a favourite camping spot.

then we continued our journey to the next camp... Pacat camp!!! and trail started to be tougher.
Zue maintain sempat pose 

time-time nih dh penat and mendongak langit...gelap jerr... this point of time, my energy began to drain faster as the trail become steeper with trail like below. 

Well...we still managed to pose for an exclusive shot like this. hehe.

 and finally we made it! Pacat camp...which means there'll be another 1/3 of journey to the peak.

 it was already noon, and with our pace, we decided not to attempt for the peak, as it'll take longer, not because of the distance, but the trail become tougher, as what our guide said. we may able to make it, before the nightfall, but will hike in darkness, back to the base camp. anyway...going as far as Pacat camp is good enough, as it was our initial target...and as what the guard said...dah bole panjat kinabalu neh...

our other guides - Mas and Syuk with all the bekal roti canai and also sempat masak air teh lagi!

Syuk making us tea!

Resting at Pacat Camp
the team of se7en 
to be continued.... (laaa...ada lagi!)

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