Road to Aki Nabalu - Jesselton de-tour (p2)

the day began early with us strolling around KK city centre, looking for breakfast. yeap...our room did come with breakfast for two, but trust me, it was not up to the standard of Best-Western status. The menu was dull and it was not refilled, hence, we'd rather looking for something else. we had our breakfast at a malay restaurant across the street . was not up to the standard but better than the hotel's food. i don't know, probably i have problem with how the food in east-malaysia it - Labuan, Miri tastes bland, even on our malaysian's signature dish like roti canai and nasi lemak.

ah forgot to mention, hafriz will be joining us for today's snorkelling trip. his ETA will be around 9am at Jesselton point, and since it was still early, we spent time around Gaya Street Sunday Market. A flea market with lots of stuff, including antiques, pets, rare things like crickets, food, souvenirs etc. Price kinda cheap too if you are good at looking around and bargaining. Well...isal bought a fake-nike bag, which we thought cheap...which later was not. The bag had the zip torn after few heavy uses, and it was while we were still in KK. I bumped onto Ikram, my colleague from Newfield who was on short family trip before heading to SPE ATW on the week after.

Entrance of Gaya Street Sunday Market

The Street
Cricket for Sale
Walk and Walk
Hafriz buzzed us telling that he already arrived at Jesselton point. It was around 845am and we walk to the jetty which was about 10-15 mins walk from the market.

The rest of the day we spent at 3-islands, instead of 4. Our first destination was Mamutik Island. Just to note, on top of the chartered boat which include the rental of the life jackets and snorkelling gear, we paid the entrance fee for the marine park around rm3. Only once, as this fee covers the access to other island in th e marine park too.

Mamutik was just ok. We had to snorkel from the beach, and in general, not much to see, i mean the coral and fish. I didn't go far as the mask got some leak etc. and i had to consistently clear the water after few minutes of snorkelling.

Hafriz in Action
Mamutik Jetty
After one hour, we decided to move to the next island, which was Manukan. the largest among all of the islands there and it is fully equipped with complete facilities to cater the visitors such as toilets, restaurants etc. even there's resort there for those who wants to stay longer. We decided to make a longer stop here and was hoping more things to see. it was however, quite disappointing, as compared to Mamutik, Manukan didn't offer much, except its long beach stretch. i ended up sleeping under the tree  after few swims...

 2 hours, we had our packed lunch there, and then moved to our next island...Sapi. the smallest among all there. but it offers much more compared to Manukan and Mamutik.  Being the smallest, it offers the shortest stretch, but most beautiful among all. we settled ourselves at the end of the stretch near the rocks and start our snorkelling. The were a lot to see here as eventhough.. i didn't go far because of my mask was leaking (urgh!!), but i still managed to see the coral and fishes, even at the water depth of 2 metres...which is just nearby. i even brought my iphone4 in lifeproof to record all the underwater actions. hehe. ah...i only sad to see some people used the fin for beach-snorkelling, which i believe should have not happened.

Resting at Sapi Island
we spent hours there, until 5pm, if not mistaken...enjoying what Sapi could offered. i had a good time there. the boat came and took us back to the jetty. luckily we chartered for ourselves, orelse we had to wait long like others. however, there was a catch, the tide was a bit rough when we headed to the jetty and our boatmen drives (?) our boat at full speed. seriously, it was a scary feel the hump each time we face the high tide. erghhh...we had to hold still and hard or else we'll end up like the life-jackets that were twice accidentally 'drowned' because the journey.

finally...we arrived jesselton point and walked back to our hotel. We went our for dinner at the nearby food court at the waterfront. very nice ambient and selection. we had seafood and i think the price was quite ok for rm90 with fish, prawn and calamari... pardon me, didn't take the picture. then..we had our walk along the main street of the town before stopped by at the reflexology nearby the hotel for a foot massage. damn..this is among the reason i love KK..the spa here is relatively was like in Bali, Krabi etc. for one hour foot was around rm30 and i had a good session where the therapist, a lady, was friendly and informative enough telling me the reason some points on my foot react certain ways etc. when pressed. Happy a good way...hehehe...

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