anger management

i am a good person.
but i am no longer an angelic boy that i used to be.
i am easily to get angry.
like JD quote ' my blood go to upstair'.

i don't know what goes wrong.
i thought growing older makes me a wiser person, hence i'd be able to have more control on my emotion, my anger.

probably, it is because of my ego.

1. i cannot stomach people who can't talk nicely.
2. i cannot accept when people accuse me for being a liar
3. i cannot stand people who loves to preach, talk and talk without even listening.
4. i hate procrastinator and people who tend to rob my time
5. the list goes on....

am i such a bad person for not liking and react to all the bad habit of others?

i just arrived from kerteh. a 4 hours drive and i was late for my maghrib prayer.
upon reaching the gate, i just realised my car-pass was in my bag in the car bonnet.
i decided to go through and ask the guard to open the gate.

the supervisor came and i told him that my pass was in the bonnet.
'you have to go get it'

and i was stunned, and was like ' seriously?' i said.
i asked him to allow me to pass this time as it was unintentionally happened.
and he started to raise a bit his voice and lecturing me about the rules and said it won't be nice if people see the guards allow people like me to enter.
the clock was ticking and i started to feel the heat.
i told him the incident was not meant to be, as most of the time i had my key and pass at the dashboard.
and he again repeat his preaching about the rules etc. and said ' this is the way i talk'.

ah sarjit singh. you just mess up with me.
didn't you listen to my explanation? i have no intention to apologise as he didn't want to listen at first place my reason when he just ordered me to get out of the car and get the pass in my car bonnet.

a car was waiting behind my car and he gave me the sign 'see the car is waiting'
now i am the bad person. i shouted at him ' that's why i asked to open and explain to you...' and i just moved my car with anger, as he open the gate for me

and i miss my maghrib prayer today.

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