Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke 55

Happy 55th birthday Malaysia!

Regardless the theme of this year celebration, i believe this should be a moment for every malaysian to reflect what have us been through, for the past few years. like mine...the past 32 years..yours probably lesser or more.

Upon reading the online news, i came across datuk johan jaafar article. it is quite interesting, and i totally agree with him. for past few years since Mar2008, we've seen a lot of things that messing up the country.

Yes. you may say that i'm the pro-supporter of the current with this kind of statement, but it is just a common sense that doesn't require you to read rocket science to see the relevant of all the chaos. i don't see any issue with the government to chose the theme, as i feel that is how they are supposed to react, with all of the spats that have been thrown to them and blinded the short-minded on all of their efforts to bring the nation to a better place.

i'm sad. and i'm totally sad as we are now being consumed by those populist strategy, mocking and provoking things. seriously...both sides are now going crazy. there's been too much spat, and once you take a stand one side, everything that obviously good, eclipsed.

among the reasons i closed my facebook and twitter account, because i've seen all of this spat too much. and for a loner like me that live part of my life via this social network, i can't breath the air consumed by these people.

saddest thing. how Islam being used as the basis, subject and weapon for all of this spat, just because of our political stand. and the others laughing silently at us. last week, when i went back for long Eid break, and had a friday pray at the mosque, the imam told us there'll be a solat hajat ...asking for the win of Islam in the next general election. my heart thumped hard, as it was just so wrong. why it has to be about the general election? why it wasn't about reflecting our peaceful country that still can celebrate Eid, and asked for the protection for our brothers in Palestin and Syria?

selfish. i have to say. and i'm sad as my parents, particularly my dad now is a regular member of the mosque. i know he still do the thinking and math, but then its the people who you friend with will influence you. and they are now...slowly. with the Haprakah on the table, and my mum perception towards PTPTN...hmm.

anyway. i missed again the parade this year since i didn't plan to attend as i am on my 5th day of fasting.
the last one that i attended was our 50th parade celebration at dataran merdeka. it was a moment. singing Negaraku with everybody...all heart out without any prejudice of our background etc...was priceless.

ask yourself, when was the last time you sing Negaraku?
ask yourself, when was the last time your praise the good things about our country? instead of mocking the government officer, malaysian drivers, our PM and her wife, the bad traffic etc.?

Happy birthday Malaysia!

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