Road to Aki Nabalu - Nuang's edition (p1)

underestimating Datuk's challenge was quite a lesson learnt for me.since then, all the stories on Nuang's expedition, i treat nothing less than a fairy tale. seriously.only hardcore hikers will keep posting the entries about their hiking trip, hence explains the 'good' stories. period.

Nuang's Trail Entrance

Nuang was the second hiking trip organised by PEERs for the Kinabalu expedition team. This time it was a closed invitation as we paid ourselves for the guide. We had three guides joined us this time time, Syuk (as usual), Mas and Ah-Chong. Only 7 of us made it this time - Me, Hafriz, Zue, Bob, Shawn,Acap, Mas and Cheol, our south-korean expat.

Waiting for others at the Base Camp

Knowing that it needs the whole day for the trip to the peak and back to the base, it was planned for everybody to gather as early as possible so the hiking can started as early as 7am. Me and hafriz departed from my house before subuh, and we had our prayer at the mosque nearby the base. we arrived at the base around 7am and thought of everybody already there. unfortunately as usual, janji malaysia....duh. we waited others till 8am, while seeing the first few group of hikers already began their journey. bosan ok.

The friendly pak guard
Hafriz testing his knee-guard...walah!
Pacat punya pasal..sembur abes-abes

after registration, and short warm-up and stretching..and also spray apa yang patut...we started our journey with ...posing at the entrance...okayyy..

Muka-muka bersemangat...see my red-socks sampai ke lutut!
 Ok..this is basically the map of the trail...if you can read it.

Our journey....begins

so it begins!

to be continued...

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