Road To Aki Nabalu - Gunung Datuk's chapter

ok. it's been a while. and i owe the completion of my kinabalu trip
as mentioned in the first entry, we had a number of hiking trips prior to this ultimate climb. the first one arranged by PEERs, was Gunung Datuk's hiking trip. 20 of us, where half were kinabalu expedition's member.

me, isal, hafriz and nizar carpooled, and we departed from KL as early as 7am.
ah, driving Rouge, in early morning, passing the almost empty KL-Seremban highway... i couldn't be light-footed on the gas pedal. hehehe.

we met others as at Rembau tol exit. limau arrived a bit late, as he had to buy our breakfast that day. ergh..just KFC. well...if i knew it earlier that he's gonna be late and it'd be KFC, i'd proposed us to stop at the restaurant nearby, just after the junction for a better choice.

it was another 30 minutes drive from the exit to the entrance, which located at Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk. at 9am, we were quite late to start the journey, as we've seen the FULL sign, before proceeding to the closest car park. the rest of the world already arrived and started the hiking. all cars ended up had to park far away from the main entrance and we had to walk for a stretch. new shoes. purposely bought for kinabalu mission. Adidas Hydroterra.

at the base of Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk

We had our short warm-up and stretching, after completed the registration with the park's office.

and the journey begins....

seriously...after months of retiring from such activities, Datuk's hiking was really challenging for me. Despite my effort to go for 5km run everyday afterwork, i found myself out of breath as completing not even a quarter of the journey. i was among at the front at first, and the fast pacing of the front group was beyond my capability. they were fast, and didn't look back for a bit. tade jantung ke korang?...and i had to surrender. and even i decided to keep my 2kg camera gear in the bag, instead of enjoying the opportunity to shoot.

i had to go moderately, and i think i was among the last bunch. i kept my pace as relax as possible, and it was me and hazrina that left. well...nizar was far behind. ah..forgot to mention, we had arip and syuk that stay with us as the sweepers. well...i think they did well, particularly syuk, for keeping his pace to ensure me and ina made to the top.

the last part of the trail...where you have to climb this giant rocks.

a vista from the top.

after 3 hours struggling (seriously)...i finally made it and joined the group.

and it was another hours of trip down to the base. hehehe. 
i think my biggest mistake during this hiking trip was, i underestimate the challenge. i spent a lot of time reading others blog about their Datuk's hiking trip and most...well all of them are giving the impression that it'll be an easy trip to the top.

gosh. i was proven wrong. probably because i went too fast following the front pack at first place...then i was travelling light with only 2 bottles of mineral water (except my heavy a700). i was totally dehydrated and out of water during the trip down to the base and had to go a slow pace. luckily, syuk was still with us (nizar and hafriz), and we a group of hikers from Shah Alam that walked to the base with us too. reaching the base, me, nizar and hafriz decided to dip into the stream at the base camp. hohoho. 
most of the team already went back as we reached the base and that left three of us enjoying the stream, while isal, shawn and ina, waiting and wondering where the hell was us...hehe...rupanya my sms telling him, we were enjoying the stream, didn't reached isal.

anyway, i'm glad that i managed to made to the top. and as i was too tired as reaching there, i didn't take that  much photos...including the famous hang-tuah footprint. huhu.

ah..before i forget...the trail i would rate as moderate to tough. with a lot of 'stairs' like trail, where you really gonna get your thigh work out. definitely recommended for an attempt.

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