day of anger and yellings

like JD would said - 'it makes my blood go upstairs'!

i had quite a bad day yesterday.
i yelled a lot.
i complaint a lot.

people were messing up with my time.
prolly they juz plain ignorance. it sucks. especially i was the one who deal with them.

one kept delaying my time.
5 hrs. and seeing the Rouge was idle at the service bay was heartbreaking.
and listened to lame explanation definitely a no no.

one wanted to play and control my time.
while it was their fault that kept me waiting hours last week.
this time, they were the one that wanna play with it.
aku dah cakap pukul 2-3 tu...pukul 2-3 lah.
wtf you wanna set the delivery at yours?

bodoh piang btul.

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