Road to Aki Nabalu

yeah! perhaps this is the most anticipated trip of the year. am going to conquer the Low's peak of kinabalu mountain, Insya-Allah, by end of this month. the euphoria is amplified as getting closer to the date and i think i have to hold on my write up on East Java escapade notes.

we had several trainings for the past few months and it is a need particularly for a people like me who is un-fit. we went for hiking on Gunung Datuk in Jan12, then followed by FRIM-canopy walk trekking, then recently hiking Gunung Nuang, though we only managed to make it up to Pacat Camp.
on top of that, i started again to have my running session, 5km++ anyday that i can, and i think it has improved a lot, my stamina. at least, i can go up to 3 full-lap of KLCC park in one run.

oh...preparation on what to bring..yeap..been doing shopping quite a lot for the past few months..and so far these are things that already ready to pack.

1. Deuter Bagpack with Rain Cover - free from Abu Project Team.
2. Adidas Hydroterra Shandal Shoes - bought during Langkawi trip
3. Alpha a700 - waiting only for dust-removal service
4. Snowcap - from Dieng and Bromo Trip
5. Gloves - ok..this one need another backup. probably waterproof one.
6. Poncho
7. Windbreaker - from my student years while visiting Scotland highlands.
8. Cargo pants
9. Deauter Backpack Cover for my camera bag
10. Walking/Hiking Pole
11. Headlamp LED
12. Dry bag for my snorkelling trip

what else missing??
1. Another gloves - waterproof for Laban Rata to Summit trail
2. Knee guard - will get the adjustable LP knee guard/support
3. Drinking bottle - probably will get the filterable Adidas water flusk



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