bonjour 2011!!!

arghh..late again.
it's a belated wish.
i'd been quite occupied for the past few weeks. as you'll note, most entries will have the label rush.

a note to 2010

it's been quite a year. life moved too fast. i didn't spend much time to reflect. feel like i've been running all the time.

...and i didn't accomplish one thing that i promised to myself. sigh.

it'll start with a long road trip...which i hope will do me some reflection.
and i hope it'll be a better year, for me, for mum n dad, for ain, kak long, cha and all.
---->;bertemu jodoh...satu bonus!

Friday - Monday break
it's been a long weekend.
the company is generous, for giving us a replacement holiday today, since we already had a replacement holiday for new year on Friday.

despite i didn't have any solid plan for it, it's been quite a weekend.
friday - send babyJ for long-due service and caused me another 'gesek-kartu'. it was a major service and cost me quite a fortune, this time. then i went to bangi as plan to watch the 'little fockers'. review later.
saturday - i had to cancel the plan with the ladies to go to PD as i went to broga with fauzi, sort of warming up ourselves for the upcoming hiking/trekking trip next week. review also later. i received called fr manto, asking whether i'm joining another ad-hoc plan by the ladies, since they decided to cancel the PD trip. the short-hiking trip was quite tiring, for me, i ended up sleeping at fauzi's house till afternoon.
sunday - met Farina, my uni-mate. it was our so called reunion. except this time, imran was not around. i think he told us that he was in penang, balik kampung during the new year.
monday - tido and tido. then went out for lunch and ice-cream trip with yanie.

okeh. new week is starting sounds better as it is not monday. hehehe. euphoria for the upcoming trip is kicking!!!! can't hardly wait for it! yeay

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