premium without premium attitude

i opted to pay certain amount tonight, to allow myself resting in the Plaza Premium Lounge at LCCT, while waiting my morning flight to Jakarta.
the reason - i need some sleep, or at least a comfy place to lay myself down. i couldn't stand to slouch on the waiting area's chair. the good thing is, i got some discount, thanks to the platinum card that i have. :P

while trying to get myself into my REM cycle...or at least to my so called power nap (pulled the sofas' closer and covered my head with my cardigan, at a corner of the lounge), suddenly i heard this loud phone conversation from the cubicle next to me. and by GOD, it was this Indian guy, talking in he owns the place. i put my ipod on, hoping the winter sonata tracks will assist me back to sleep, but he was louder.

i kept sshhh him few times, but it didn't work...sigh.
i don't remember how long it takes for him to get into his own sleep, but the sure thing, i missed my precious planned sleep.

i recalled, one of the things that you entitle at such lounge, anywhere, is not a chatterbox speaker, in fact it was 2am in the morning for GOD sake. didn't he think that people in the lounge opted it because they want some privacy and sleep? sigh.

premium, without premium attitude.
same like living with first class facilities, but having third world mentalities. 

now he's sleeping. too bad i'm not a chatterbox ( a loud one ), and i don't have the stomach for a revenge.

it's 4am already.

breakfast - shower - solat and then wait for the ladies. we come.

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