Harry Potter ... (sebuah fenomena) - forewords

i used to be sceptical about sci-fi and fantasy's movies.
i didn't watch the debut of lord of the rings and harry potter, when both took the world by storm.
my memory on sci-fi or fantasy's movies probably, Willow, that i used to watch on the TV when i was a kid.

things changed.
all started during my short semester break, back in sheffield, when i borrowed few DVDs from my housemate.
i became such a fan of LOTR. the 1st of the sequel played endlessly on my pc, and i watched the 2nd one, 4 times at UGC sheffield, twice at the largest screen ( 3 tiers okaayyy! with screen as big as imax berjaya). too bad, the finale...i didn't manage to watch it at cinema as there was no cinema at my hometown. :(. i watched it few months later, after the DVD released.

oh. this should be about Harry Potter.
well. i watched the first one, same as LOTRs, from my desktop.

fascinating. a happy meal version of LOTRs.
so the journey began. :)

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