it has been a while. 
the last movie i watched was 'Inception'. that was a good one.
btw, went to watch Megamind after work today, with manto. we had to opt for the 3D version (rm18..walaah!), since TGV KLCC no longer screen the 2D version.

just a quick rating from my perspective

3D/effect - 5/10. nothing fancy. it's an animation though.
storyline - 5/10 . mix of few previous animations, sure u can name it. but i can buy the plot twist..oh wait, did the 'Despicable Me' had the plot twisted also?.
music score - 7/10. was something. i happened to enjoy the music score. weird.
impact - 5/10. not much of punch line i could remember as i left the cinema. and i remember that i didn't laugh that much...which is unusual, whenever i watched animation films.

overall - 6/10. just ok for a quick after work stress release prescription.

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