Charlie St.Cloud

maaf. harry potter has to wait.
i decided to write something about this movie that i watched last night.
i remember few months back, i told saiful that i was in need to watch something that can be a tearjerker. something that can rip off my emotion. pathetic, ain't? has been moving too fast lately, and despite of the pain and everything that i felt through out of it, i never felt the pang that much. it has never stopped me so that i would look back deeply etc. 
sometimes i just feel lifeless.
i was in need to cry. 

something that attracted me to pick this film.
while partly, probably i wanted to see how much this pretty boy evolved from being the high school heartthrob to somebody else on the screen. the review was quite promising, even though there was a line that mentioned Sam (Charlie Tahan), managed to steal the light from Zac. well... i think they both equally performed in the film. Note that this movie is based on Ben Sherwood's novel titled 'The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud'.

Life is for Living 
this is a story about lost. about letting go. about moving on.

the narrative opened with the cheerful life of both, winning the sailing competition at the hometown. we were then introduced to their life - taken care by single mother, one just graduated from high school with sailing scholarship and going to Stanford, and one, a young brother who looked and admired his brother very much.

the whole thing eclipsed, as Charlie lost Sam in a tragic car accident, where he almost lost his. the revival from the zero heartbeat, was a God given second chance, and Charlie could see and talk to the people who are yet to pass the light...and Sam was one of them.   

it was hard for Charlie to accept the fact that he lost Sam, as he felt he was the reason. the memories and guilt hold him to believe that Sam was still around, and he could do one thing to prove his love to Sam, by being there for him. the ritual began with the baseball practice in the wood, everyday, as the sun set, as that was the promise he made to Sam, before Sam died.

as time passed, nothing has changed. Charlie yet to move on, he left all his dreams, and decided to stay. being there for Sam (apparently because of the 'gift'), he decided to work at the graveyard. until Tess came into the picture, things started to change. Tess, eventually brought back Charlie's dream about sailing, to life, and slowly moved himself from the memories and guilt, of Sam. but it has a bump, where everything came back (memories and guilt), and Charlie had to decide between moving on with Tess in his life, or his promise to Sam.

things happen for reasons. Tess was actually missing, as she sailed through the storm, and it was her 'spirit' that actually evolved around Charlie. Charlie didn't notice this, due to his 'gift' and only knew when the sheriff told him at the diner.

somehow, she was not dead yet, as the reason she'd been around Charlie, because she needed Charlie to find and save her. he did, and Charlie finally understand the reason he's been given the second chance and the gift. it's time to let go. and Charlie bid farewell to Sam as he joined Tess, chasing their dream, sailing.

6/10, that was the rating i decided to give to this film. probably, because it didn't manage to make cry ----> one of the objectives that i chose to watch it at first place. few plots, however, did grab and tear my emotion.

the accident scene, from the moment the car been hit till Charlie saw Sam's hand, was a grabber. 

the lifeless facial expression of Zac, did work, representing all hopes were left behind because all of the guilts that sat on the shoulder.

overall, the acting, both Zac and Charlie Tahan, did ok.perhaps, Zac has at least evolved from his high-school musical thing, compared to Shia LaBeouf, who i feel like has no variation in his acting portfolio since the transformer. nothing much i wanted to say bout Tess, she was more like a cameo (gosh..i don't know what's her real name is!).

6/10...possibly worth for saturday nite pop-corn.
life is for living. and let go.

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