about work ...

it won't be enough space and time, if i were to talk about my worklife. 6 years of blogging, it can debut a novel. hehe...

it's about my boss.
he has this kind of habit, sms'ing to ask about info. and he is sort of, doesn't have the human touch in it. all of his request via the text, sounds like an order. obey me yoda! and i hate it when it buzz my mobile over the weekend.

it's about today.
first phone call from my line department, asking me to take up the challenge on an infill drilling project. the intention quoted make sense, i.e. to develop my technical capability. but then, i caught me to think back, is it because they are too lazy to find people to do the work?

then, as i was head banging, listening to my itunes, while completing the target letter this evening, my boss, who just done with the meeting, dropped at my workstation. he delivered the same message to me. argh...i hate the tone and the content of the speech.
on top the building my technical capability, he added that i will manage the project etc. 
and made me think again, ----->dah tade orang sangat ke?

as much as i see this challenge that they quote as an opportunity, i am hesitated. mustiler...current workload already give me much headache!

the trivia is
- take the challenge, and you fail to deliver 
- back-off, and the bosses perceptions will eclipse on me

sigh...i am bad at saying no.

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