menjadi sahabat

i am now becoming a fan of gossip-girl series. as much as i can't stomach the idea of spoilt-manhattan elite teenagers life showed in the series, somehow, i can appreciate the good values that they stiched on each characters and plots. it feels real, where nobody's perfect. cliche to admit, other than the hot crush thing, i admire serena's character that potrayed.
today's episode that i watched caught me off guard emotionally wishing that i could be like her, a best friend. she stopped blaire runaway from the embarassment and promised to be with her, facing all the day in front. i wish i was dan, and what he said later was right;

'i love you for who you are. can be a girlfriend to a person like me, and still can be a best friend to someone like blaire'

a friend, a good true friend can accept and live with the different.


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