-velvic finally said good bye. the motherboard was suspected to be the problem and it'd cost me 'relatively' a fortune if i were to have it repaired. so i settled for the hard disk only
-i bought lunatic-bay (temporary name), an NEC 13.3inch breed, as it ticks the top most factor that i chose to consider about lappie - lightweight...well even it is not a light as the fabulous MacBook Apple, or those netbook thingy, 1.9kg is enough for not causing any backpain.
-i wish i could afford those montivena series, but since my budget a bit tight, i do hope it'll be able to cater most of my needs eventhough only runs with earlier platform. i couldn't decide whether it is still sonoma or already santa rosa, but whatever it is, i need to upgrade the RAM probably to 2GB or may be 4GB, if permitted. see..i read different specs..some said the max is 4GB, some 2GB.
-owh...the hard disk that i stole from velvic previously, also met its end as i accidentally dropped it. sigh.

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