Eid Mubarak

  • am bloated with rendang, rendang, satay goreng, ketupat, lemang..etc.
  • i cried when asking forgiveness from mum this morning. i cried as i recalled that i couldn't always be on her side when she needed me the most.
  • i saw someone drove a BMW X6 this morning as came back from the solat eidul fitri. WOW!!!!!
  • i saw someone drove latest S-Class Brabus as came back from visiting relatives today. WOW!!!!!
  • i wore 2 baju melayu today...damn. i love it and i feel good about wearing it.
  • i found that the AWB on thePrince kind of tricky....but harris suggested me to use cloudy. we'll see...
  • waiting for the next day of Eid...mau gi jejalan lagi...
p/s: listening to 'suasana hari raya'

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