1. my velvic (laptop) dah start buat bangang for the past 1 month. i think this is the curse of AMD-based platform. panas (finally i admit) and the life-span is only as the 1-year warranty ends. i have to force restart the laptop at least thrice before i can use it.

2. izzi broadband is big-time sucks (finally i have to say this). the signal goes to 0%~20% as i moved to setapak indah, which is just 1 km from melati utama. was it the height that counts to get the 100% signal? i thought they are improving their coverage etc. well...too late..i've decided to terminate the contract.

3. celcom-broadband, basic package at rm68 per-month seems doing fine. i still can surf and download. the thing is, i'm poorer by 800 bucks becoz of the modem. least they said it is 7.2mbps ready, and i'm expecting celcom will improve their HSDPA coverage later.
4. puasa dah tinggal sehari. all because my once a year affair with high-fever thing. i took me a week to fully recover.
5. puasa. i think i haven't changed much compared to other months. still tableh mendidik nafsu dgn sebaik-baiknya. my terawih only last for a week and the i started to pegi sekali-sekala, whenever i feel ok. yeah..the demam thing is one of the hurdles, then skrg nih banyak undangan buka puasa kat luar...and each time i went back home...easily ngantuk after performed isya'. (alasan...).
6. definitely annoyed with DSAI drama. i feel like to smack his butt and head. stop messing around. do your joblah YB!. i don't like, and definitely hate to talk about politics, but then with all the mess PR allies did lately, bole sakit kepala when i think!.
7. family many things happened lately. i feel weak and hopeless. i have to be there for them. only thing i do right now is pray for a better day and Allah give us strength to face the challenge that HE has set for us. Like Mak Cik Ros used to tell us, 'Allah takkan menguji kamu dengan sesuatu yang kamu tidak mampu menghadapinya'.
8. And i'm still hurt with the PPA thing. i don't know when will it heals...

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