home 'sweet' home

i just moved to another house.
first impression, sometimes can fool you, especially when you have no second opinion.
it felt bad, the first few days. to think and see the flaws of the house that i chose for us.
i have to fix those piping leak, paint part of the house, buy this and this.
amirul seems doesn't excited with us moving. i have to think and do all the stuff. as usual, the house ..well the room is only for him to sleep, bath...no more than that.
it'll be a year ahead us ; living 'with' the house. i'm doing whatever i can to turn the house to my very own home sweet home.
owh...one room still available to be let. juz in case anyone interested.
i'm doing the scouting...as amirul's preference - aku tak kisah sesapa...well i'm not.
  • has to be single (no weekend husband ye..), malay male and working ( yeah...sewa dan bil mesti consistent)
  • preferably non-smoker
  • friendly n tak buat hal sendiri saje

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