when it matters (part n...)

the ball
'the ball is in your court now. thanks for replying.'
i chuckled a bit. 'how dare!'
it's no longer our sunday-morning match.
the game is over now and i don't even recall that i'm still holding the raquet or not.
i'm sorry bro. i feel it is too late. why on earth now?

the game
seeing how much faiz&farah ( happy newly wed!) wanted me to be at all of events of their big day really made my heart cried.i've been blessly appreciated, by friends and their family.
now i know, may be this is what ukhwah really means.
it's not about how much you try to make them somebody to you, but it's how much you appreciate them as they are.
' bro. thanks for everything. you are the best ever best-man that any grooms can get'
smiled. touched. thousand times over. always.

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