if this is pms, it'll be the heavy period.
where you have to wear the thick and wide-wing pad, be it either kotex, laurier or whatsoever.
i feel like i'm having issues with quite few people around me these days.

one guy i had the feeling of lempang him before, for giving such stupid excuses, ignorance and now baru gelabah when boss personally requested him to take the lead on the big exercise, instead of me.

one guy for being soooo busy body with what me and my colleague been doing now. since he's been quite good at 'claiming' any extra work into PPA, i totally keep my eyes on his every single moves in my territory. he's so kiasu...wanting things to be in his way....even for simple thing like asking my team mate to be his smoking buddy..even he awares that i'm having discussion..deadly serious ones.

one guy for being so ignorance, working in si-lo and put me out of the loop on the work that we are supposed to look and consult each other as a team. he forgot that we have more important deadlines to meet, instead of the thing that he's been looking 'alone' and discussing with the busy body guy. deadly offended...wtf

one guy...well ..i don't know why. but irritates me with his way of spending his time attending 'defensive driving training' instead of the meeting he supposed to be in..and came back asking how's everything? dude...!!!!

that makes four...and i pray to GOD...that's enough.
i'm afraid if there's more...

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