when it does matter (again...)

i guess mum said it with a big grin when i asked her 'doala apa2 yg patut kat sana' before she and dad left for hajj last week.

'semoga cepat bertemu jodoh'.

i chuckled a bit, sometimes with a big sigh to think back that incident.i mean, am i, in my very own 27th year of my life, sounds or looks too desperate to settle down? that obvious?

it snowballed, as it leads to more and more things that if not that serious, drives me to think about this settle down thing. those wedding invitations, well since it's been school holiday, and then those talks and remarks from colleagues/people around.

i never thought that i could be sensitive when people asked about my age, as usually, it was because i do look younger than my age. but lately, when quoting those 27 thing, people asked about when i'm gonna settle down and get married.

wow. it think this the nth wave on those kind of thing and guess what it does put me into thinking, especially when i got nothing to do and idle.

harris was right about idleness, where the mind will be the victim. i am now unintentionally obliged to think about it.

help me out.


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