forgotten (almost...) october

I guess Amy was right about October. It’s the 4th quarter of the year and things either getting slower and moving faster, than you thought. It is slower, for my case. It just a matter of reflection on mindless judgment I made as feeling there’s been too much things been left unspoken for the past few weeks or maybe months. Even I told myself about the stopover, it’s been and would be longer than I thought as I am yet to taste the sweetness or bitterness of life that I ‘m breathing.
I feel like I’m heartless right now. Things that I used to think important before now become less important, unintentionally. I guess this is what happened when you start to choose the path of ignorance. You tend to leave things tacit; even you wanted to say something about it. In the end what’s left only regret, even just a glance.
It’s kind of weird to realize that we managed to rekindle our relationship, but now as a friend again. I mean, with all those hate-mails been thrown to each other few months back, the good month of Eid really taught us something.
With the Iftar, and then the long journey back to terengganu for hari raya, the Ikea-weekend outing etc., I could sigh anytime whenever reflecting all those. But I’m sure for a thing; it’ll never be the same again. I just know it when I tried to look at her face, the smile, the laugh etc. I didn’t feel like what I used to; love.
Growing up can be pretty sucks. I don’t feel the joy as much as I had few years back. It’s just plain and dull, except me in my baju melayu. Damn…I felt good. Hehehe.May be, because of this year, we were looking forward for Yoyo’s wedding that happened to be on the 8th day of Eid.
Most of my relatives came back to kg, few days before the wedding instead of on the eve of Eid itself. Even I flew back to KL on the 4th day of Eid and worked for 2 days before flew again to terengganu the day before the wedding day.
It was heavily raining, the whole of the wedding day. Still, the show went on glamorously.Attending wedding, specifically family wedding sometimes inviting big grin on myself as I have to entertain to those questions that arrowed to a hot bachelor like me. Sigh.


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