twenty se7en

i switched off my mobile last night, as i was really need a good sleep for a long journey this morning. as i passed gombak tol, i switched on back my phone.

1st msg
'Age is just an illusion. Maturity doesn't come with the numbers' - from a good friend. thanx bro.

2nd msg
'Not to pressure, but 27 is a nice number to know what'- from a brother.

3rd msg
'patutla beria cuti hari ni. nak celebrate dgn gf rupanya. hepi besday bro. semoga panjang umur dah dimurahkan rezeki' - from naim, my housemate.

4th msg
'sweet 27@26? dah lupa la' - from my adik

5th msg
'happy birthday, luv from family' - from my dad

6th msg
'ari ni birthday ko ek? happy birthday' - from my officemate, nida

7th msg
'patutla cuti, birthday rupanya. happy birthday, semoga cepat kahwin - from another officemate, isal.

and so'll eat the my entry space.
thanx for remembering and all the wishes.

i stopped by at kak long's shop on the way home as i thought she won't be come back this weekend, but she will.
mum gave me a big hug and kiss as arrived home today and definitely i missed her very much.

one thing for sure, if i were not to plan the leave today, i am definitely in need of one. i'm burnt out with the work, fatigue, demotivated etc.

2 days break plus weekend, hopefully good enough for rest and give me space to reflect my ownself on my very own 27.

till then.

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