twenty se7en - a reflection...

The 5th day of my twenty-seven, and I’m still on holiday. The journey back yesterday, was really tiring, particularly riding along the MRR2 to and fro to my adik’s college in Bangi. I arrived gombak as early as 7pm but then it took me another 2 ½ hours to get back.

The road was that busy, and it is always. I guess what Coelho mentioned is right, one man’s story is everyone else story. May be everybody was driving back home after long weekend etc. same like me, and caused the traffic yesterday.

I decided to take an emergency leave today, as I was overslept and tired. I felt a little bit unwell, sign of fever, which I have to counter as early as possible. Yeap, to drink as much fluid as I can take, have a good rest etc. No calls been entertained today, except few sms.

The long break was not enough, as my first day was spent with the long drive to my home, then 2nd and 3rd day been spent at my kampung, while the 4th day already back to KL, and I barely had the rest that I wanted. Still, it was good four-day break for me. Being able to get rid all those office stuff (even I have a lot to be done), no phone call bugging etc., such a relief for me. Even with few documents and files in my thumb drive, I forced myself not to care any of my work. I really left the glass of water behind this time.

Twenty seven, it is a decade, after I left my high school, 2 years after I passed the quarter of a century and I’m about 3 years more to reach the thirties. I feel a bit pang with the numbers, as it gives the indication how fast my biological clock is ticking, ready to move, either with or without me.

The ecstatic feeling of leaving twenty five, when I entered twenty six, is no longer there. May be twenty six has not been a good year for me. I felt lost to think back, what has happened so far, how the story could be told etc. , but I guess twenty six was a big time suck and it unintentionally mend me to be hopeless, de-motivated, workaholic, pathetic and the list goes on.

I’m not sure why I’m judging myself that way, but when I sat and look back down the memory lane, I guess I was trying too hard to be somebody else for me and for everybody around me.


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