It’s been boring and dull weekend, but at least I didn’t force myself to be in front of my workstation.

Friday had a tiring end, as I went back a bit late from office, finishing some work so that I don’t have to come over weekend, and late dinner with Isal at setiawangsa. No idiot box for the night, except doing stupid things with my velvic and the net etc.

As expected, I woke up late on Saturday. I went for a haircut, with those extra massage and pusing kepala service at the shop at my condo’s lobby. Ucop called me somewhere in the afternoon asked whether I would like to join him and his sister for Harry Potter, as he got one ticket’s extra, as his brother decided not join.

The movie was good, and I enjoyed it very much. It’s just the strange and weird feeling went out with ucop this time. It’s like just I’m filling the empty seat and we didn’t talk that much, even we went straight back home after the movie. Things changed now, I feel, between me and him. We are more just like a hang out buddies, no longer a good friend like we used to be.

I don’t know what makes me feel that way. May be a lot of things happened lately, and we barely have time to even talk for a coffee. I missed him a lot actually, but life wants us to change and move on, and I have to live with the fact that we are no longer have the brotherhood that we once shared.

He gave me a book, for a belated birthday. A pretty thick book and a good one I guess. Still I’m just wondering, why the book? He didn’t write anything, say anything, and just present me the book. It was late actually, but then if we don’t meet yesterday, I’m not sure whether he’d find some times to drop by and hand me the book.

Again, why the book? And why book? Does it because he truly aware that I love reading? Or is it just because he wants to return the favor I did for him during his birthday and since he only knows that I loves book, he just pick up any book and present it to me?

Sigh. I shouldn’t be driven too emotional about this. It makes me sound so gay, pathetically.

Sunday, started late too. I had kind of headache last night and slept straight away after watching the Korean movie at 8tv. Even my alarmed buzzed around 6.30am, I could help myself from pulling the blanket (well…plus selimut babi tuh...)...and only truly realized that I was late when got the message from Isal that we had to postpone our Durian fest somewhere next week.

Tried to convince myself that I was wrong and too emotional with what happened between me and Ucop, I asked him to join me for breakfast at McD this morning and guess what, I haven’t got any reply from him until now. Anyway, a breakfast alone at McD was kind of good start of the day. I love the coffee and the sausage McMuffin. The hash brown was a bit salty.

Back home, I started ironing my clothes for the week while watching what the idiot box could offer me. Started with DigiCelebriteen, followed with Melodi and ended with Grey’s Anatomy. Then I went out hunting for lunch which, again McD. Sigh…I really have to watch ‘Supersize Me!’ for an insight before it’s too late.

It was around 4.30pm and I decided to watch ‘The Lake House’ for 2nd time, while waiting for My Starz LG appeared on the idiot box at 6.00pm.

See…that’s how the day been. And I only realized that I have paper to be done on the CTU project that was carried out on my field last month. Hopefully, the boss won't make big fuss on this not-important but urgent job, tomorrow.


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