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GangStarz Top 8
Overall, it was the best ever show to date as each group was performing at their best, is not closed too. However, I was a bit disappointed with the elimination as it was E-Voke that i think should've said goodbye to the show. As usual, TheLima and Mendua rocked the night with their spectacular show. TheLima were very brave to sing Gemilang in its original version as i know, the only person that can delivered that flawlessly is Jac, but again, TheLima wowed me with their closed to perfection vocal performance. Mendua really gave a head-to-head competition to them last night. They opened the performance with fantastic effort on samson's 'Bukan Diriku' which then evolved flawlessly to 'Ada Apa Dengan Cinta'. I believe both groups are on the top2 right now.
As usual, Arab still being the bimbo of the show with his comment, Vernon with his 'i-have-this-music-degree' attitude and Maple, as the only one that i felt 'cool' last night. The guest juries were Ajai and this fat guy from Singapore, were not bad as my ears still able to understand and take the comments.
Beautiful Liar
Wow. Seeing the music video almost drives me to climax...hehe. Funny to say, as Shakira appears on the video, now i see Beyonce is that 'big', like half more of Shakira. Sigh...but she's still hot.


  1. jgn kan kau.. aku first time tgk vid Beautiful Liar pun bole nganga.. :D

  2. hehe...welcome to the club.


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