GangStarz top 11 - retro's week

My top 3
1. Mendua - they should've an album already with such talent and proffesionalism showed.
2. TheLima - dangdut...hehe
3. Flava - steadfastly moving and improving...

Arab...ntah apa2 la komen dia. I know as producer he has the capability etc. , but he lacked of the skill on projecting his idea in 'words'. Kalau setakat bagus, nama group pun tak ingat..adeh..i think Fauziah Latiff is much better than him.

Overall...i don't like the theme...and especially to those groups who tried so hard to bring all the pop-ye-ye, travolta's night fever thing etc. erghh... those top 3 at least showed something that to be talked about.

Mendua - originality. they made the songs as theirs.
TheLima - the comical performance of Bujang Lapuk, with flawless vocal was good.
Flava - the 2nd part...yes...this age's pop ye ye track..hehe

i'm off...and eagerly waiting for the next performance.


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