bila april...

1. the beginning of my busy-like-hell cycle. masih dalam gear 1. then endless hrs of WPB/CPB/STPF/LTPF thing. bring it on!
2. back-to-back meeting @ kerteh.
3. AF5 - tempias terkena sikit since rumah dah pasang astro. reality bites...i guess the die-hard fans are much more irritating and annoying than those in the academy itself. sigh...betul la kot org kata yg layan AF5 and really die-hard fan kebanyakannya budak2 tak cukup umur, budak2 pompuan, those PLU spesis etc. None of those in AF5 outstanding...nyanyi pun setakat karaoke...tapi Ogy komen macam bergegar jer...buwekkk... paling kelakar baca komen2 dari blog2 yg kononnya jadi para perkritik bebas AF5 ( well...u know ) Dafi tu pun boleh dipromote dgn giler babi and si Ebi dilabel sebagai next 'se@ symbol' etc ( dari blog...kononnya reti sangatla kritik tu..walhal syok sendiri) Heliza dilabel jadi tenuk...hipokrit etc. Noni dan Dekna dikata gedik....cet... si tukang kritik tu macamla perfect sgt. mengata org.
4. Offended - yeap i feel really offended with a friend who suddenly appeared on my YM, asking bout my life and then had a conclusion that he thought i was some kind of 'gay'. Sigh...paling tak tahan as he quoted ' it's ok for me...'.Dunia akhir come this taboo and sin become something 'ok' ? Nauzubillah....may Allah guide us to be on the path that He blessed.
5. we're moving to tower 1 next week...kena packing barang la pulak....
6. a friend - u know who u are. so u decided to back-off and erase me from your chapter, i guess. i'm really disappointed, but then, rather than keep hurting you with this friendship... i let you choose. but i'm always here.

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