the art of ...

it's been ages since the last time i pressed the shutter of my old dynax 7. i never realised that i missed very much playing with it until last thursday as me and my bro went for the BMW Sauber F1 Pit Lane thing. The art of its shutter-sound fondly recalled my old time (..yeap it's been a while...) when i had that much passion and being a freak on such hobby, as shooting the event that day.

Yeap. I've to admit, that was really me. Being a photographer is something that i really love to. Seeing the world through the lens, darn...and then bluffing about the technical stuff ... hehehe. dorky freak. I wish and i want to start it back...even with my old dynax 7 that still run on film. Old school...hehe. Amusing to notice how fast the digital bugs has shifted everybody and made me some kind of alien as loading the film into my dynax 7.

Anyway, the event was such a memorable ones. It's rare to have such chance for being closed to the BMW Sauber F1 team, and i was glad the treat did us satisfaction.We had Jien of the malaysian idol, hosting the event that day, and we both took the opportunity to try almost everything that offered there, except and sadly, the photo shooting with the models..hehe.Below are few shots from the event..for more picture, i've uploaded it to my fotopages.

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