i feel like things didn't turn out well this afternoon.
the kick-off meeting sounds like a spanish telenovela without subtitle. i felt like a proper charlie.
i only had a glance to greet and meet PD, which i've been hoping so much to have chat with.
me: A'kum Hj. ( stand and shake his hand )
PD : Wsalam. ( smile ) Dari company mana? ( damn...boleh tahan malu aku)
me: Eh..saya dari PTS1. Nama saya...bla bla bla bla
PD : ( wondering for a while trying to recall my name). Oh...it's you. so you report di KL already?
me: yes. dah 2 minggu and today come for the kick-off meeting on budget tu.
PD : ( smile. and then somebody came and greeted him and we moved to the ballroom for the meeting).
that was it. kecewa jugala as i have so much thing to say, but as u know, he's our PD and memang asyik dikerumun oleh all the managers etc. How can i interrupt etc....
i didn't know how to hang out with others during the hi-tea session, as i barely know them and everybody were in their on clan, and it left me wondering how soon i can get back to home while finishing my sandwich etc.
5pm sharp, i rode my harrier and went back home.
erghhh....esok pagi dah nak balik KL.
p/s: Al-Fatihah to our late Tun Ghaffar Baba.

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