Song About ... ?

I just don’t get it how people can ignore to details that could portray them dumb in certain way. And it is worst if you are the master in that thing. I’m taking example on how funny I feel to know and see how certain artistes, well, singers actually misinterpreted the meaning of the songs and without guilty, blindly dedicated the songs to certain people, to their audience etc. Take example as below:

Ning Baizura in her recent performance for the secretary week dedicated Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’ to her mother. She was kiddin’ aite? Didn’t she know that the song wasn’t about people that you love and want to praise? It was about ‘dark’ childhood of Kelly to have a broken family where she lost her strength etc. to live. And the song it about how she collect all the pieces back and see through it so that she won’t go the same path like her parents. She was blaming her past, for sake! If I were to put it bluntly. Damn…I feel funny to see, just because the title is ‘Because of You’ sounds like, you are the one…then you dedicated to your mum.

Jaclyn Victor @ Planet Hollywood dedicated ‘Superwoman’ to her mother. Come on Jac, as a diva and been singing for many years, I guess the act kind of proving your ‘singing’ is more impressive rather than expressive, like what they used to label MC. I mean, you don’t just sing because you want to sing, if I put the Cak-Lempong lyrics on Superwoman melody, it’ll be the same for you if this is how you see the song. Superwoman isn’t about superwoman…or anything that have to do with the mother who fights to raise the child etc. It's not about the 'Superwoman' thing.

Tolong laa…

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