my first week in pcsb, after 1++ years been dumped to the other side of the world, yet to sound interesting up to the level that i was expecting. the department already moved to KL and only few people left, including the well services buddies. while my boss also in KL and no clear instruction given, i spent my time with those hilarous group of clerks that couldn't stop chit chat.
i got news from HR that PD actually wanted to put me in pts22 section as i graduated with chemical engineering degree and PD encouraged me to apply for the master program later. at first, i thought what the heck? but then Ali just realized my history there and agreed by his boss that i should stay with pts1. i'm not sure this has been notified to PD or not.
MO requested to my boss to include me in Angsi team and i'll be going for the attachement in KL starting tomorrow. Well..it is then will be followed by the permanent transfer, sooner or later.
the comeback
like a home, as i know a lot of faces there, and when Tukiran took me to the department, kecoh giler all the buddies there. hehehe.
somehow when i sat and retrieved back all my good memories before, i realized that i missed some faces that used to be with the team. well..whatever it is, this is the beginning of something new on the path that i left for a year and i want to make it right. Insya-Allah.
the goodbye
they organised this farewell dinner for me at one of the chinese restaurant in kemaman on my last day there. when i recalled back my reaction towards the leaving thing, i guess it was kind of plain and it is kind of obvious that i am really looking forward to leave the place. again when i sat alone and had a thought, i don't have that much memories to be proud of or i really want to keep, of the place. may be aidid's good deeds and amirul's kindness, i shall keep them safe.
the brotherhood
this shall be one that i'll always remember and live on.
like how much i feel proud on my plsp chapter, this is also one that i always pray will last forever. i thank Allah, for giving me such opportunities.
when i think back about the path, it makes me fathom more that on the fact things happened for reasons. if i were not to ride through this hard-experience, i might not have this brotherhood as part of my life. my up and down, my strength to be persistent and keep fighting.

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