being ordinary

it was quite an interesting lepak session we had few days back in dinar. 'interesting', as i'm kind of freak and enjoy quite much that kind of serious talk. well those kind self-reflection thingy, talking bout life, bout future etc. much better than keep mengumpat people etc. even there were quite a number of commercial break for that subject. hehe
what caught my attention was ucop's quote on the cream of the ordinary people thing. i don't know, it's just sound like a sympathetic compliment for not able being the in the best groupies, in a way. but still, it is a thing that makes the different from being too ordinary. may be i've been influenced that much by the rich dad thing.
my sis wedding is around the corner. i'll be on long break till next week. gosh...i couldn't believe she's getting married very soon. i feel like it was just yesterday she engaged etc. hehehe.
selamat pengantin baru sis! i love you and pray that you'll be happy. muahhh...

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