my memory : those funny familiar forgotten feelings...

i've been receiving quite a few times, emails about the 80's babies lately and once i get caught by the line bout the favourite cartoon shows, it reminds me how much i'd been a freak to admiring the power and classy of voltron, transformer, thundercat etc.
i remember 2 years back in sheffield, as i was on the tram, came back from watching the movie, i met 2 sheffield lads talking bout the thundercat picture on one those t-shirts. ' it was a big hit!' and they looked at others nearby including me and a spanish guy who worked as a teacher ' do you remember thundercat?'. we all laughed, as we sort of reviving those kiddies days. one of them did some action on how lionel play his sword with 'thunder, thunder...' hehe.
oh..leaving on this part of the country, on those early days meant we sort of a bit behind in term of this 'broadcasting' thing. as we only had tv1 and tv2, before tv3 finally reached somewhere when i was in standard one. that means, i had more choice of cartoon shows to watch. hehe...i loved to watch woody woodpecker and imitate the 'evil' laugh of him...hehehe...u know if you did watch it.
oh...then came this japanese animation and then this kesatria baja hitam and maskman. it was way before the west came with their power rangers thing.both..sort of a phenomena i guess, as we kids loved to act and play the fight scene and everything.
oh..remember moero attack? the volleyball thing. yeah..that one was also a big hit during my early days in primary school and the game suddenly became such addiction among us. not to miss the show, and we tend to shout all the special moves etc. whenever we tried to act one while playing the game.....
beautiful, ain't it?

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