my memory : those early days ...

the early days
if my memory serves me right, we moved from kuala terengganu to paka, 22 years back as my dad was transferred to on-shore post with pcsb and my mum managed to get her transfer approved to sekolah menengah paka. only five of us, as ain was not in the picture yet. we rent a 2 bedrooms house, near at the back of pusat kesihatan paka. we were babysitted by the landlord family, as both mum and dad were working. but, if mak nah came, we didn't have to go there.
tadika rumah murah, may be one of the first tadikas in paka where me and kak long went since i was five years old. i still remember those memories of walking in group crossing the pokok kemunting bushes going and back from the place with my childhood friends, including the grandchildren of the landlord. kak long went to primary school a year after that. and that was the first time i guess, i'd been going to the place with no family members with me. the joy of walking with my tadika friends, crossing the bushes, collecting the buah kemunting and play with it, makes me smile and wondering, how beautiful my early days, as school-kids were.
i remember, once the cikgu-cikgu organise the trip to these tadika 'hijau' and 'kuning', which near by where i'm staying right now. it was more like a friendly trip where we met kids like us, joined their day in the tadika etc. oh...we were asked to march from rumah murah to kampung limbong, which kind of a kilometer, i guess. it was fun trip, as being a kids, to march while singing along the trip, made us more than a happy bunny.
as i reached 7 years old, i went to the primary school where kak long went. and we also moved already to a new house. the landlord was mum's friend's family. it was a bigger house with 3 bedrooms. was a yellow house and it get caught in flood during monsoon as the drain system was bad around that area. was early days in paka,what could you expect? i think i was the one who noticed the flood, as i woke up in the middle of the night where it was raining heavily. and as my dad went to get some water for me in the kitchen, he noticed the water was already at the ankle level. we had to move our stuff to the rooms, including the refridgerator.
i remember my excitement each time got the chance to shop at the famous groceries store that time, we called it Kedai Aduka, which now become a big mini market, and still standing at the same place. it was way ages before the Pasar raya sama maju came into the picture. one of those memories was, when i went there crossing the flood with su-jah who stayed for few days at our house as the road to kuala terengganu been closed due to the flood. i was excited as could play with the water ( u know kids! ) and i came back home with half of me wet.

to be continued...

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