my memory : Se7en ...

my first day in sekolah kebangsaan paka. i was damned nervous and like most the kids i couldn't help myself to keep my eye on my dad for not to leave me. it was kind of totally new place for me, even i knew my sister was in the same school. i remember i held my cry that hard as saw my dad was out of my sight for once, as he went to buy a file for me. but it didn't last long, i mean the 'nervous' and 'little boy' thing as i met few friends that used to go to the same tadika with me before, and tried to make friends with few of them.
oh. my first few days in standard one probably kind of a torture for me, as my teacher introduced me with the idea to hold the pencil and write things using your right hand. by default, being a lefthanded person, it came to my attention and disappointment to feel myself struggling to do such thing, while other kids did it better than me. i was totally pissed off, as i knew that i could do better with my lefthand, as i did back when i was in the kindergarden. honestly, i did came to a point to cry as i felt like i was such a freak. as a kid, i just didn't understand and the teacher didn't tell me why i couldn't do that, except asked me to keep trying for not being lefthanded. well...kind of smart, i did switch the pencil to my left hand each time the teacher out of my sight. hehe...but then i guess, the teachers started to realize i was a lefthanded kid and didn't bother to ask me more, as i was pretty sure, they had neat works from me.
art and music class, both full with element of joy that kids love, and both were my favourite subject during standard one. sing those kiddies songs, to draw things, to play with the colour papers, water colours etc. i remember, i was so proud to have my mickey mouse mask done and been praised by the teacher. hehe...i even had it on my face all the way as i went back home that day.
oh...end of the year, the teacher chose a number of us from standard one, for a performance during the ' Hari Anugerah Sekolah Kebangsaan Paka' and i had to do this scene as newly-wed with a girl from my class. well...i had to be in my baju melayu as we couldn't find a suite for small kid like me and she wore this pretty nice white gown. and if i was not mistaken, the dialogue that we had to mumble was something about honeymoon thing. hehe...not more than that!.. turned out to be kind of a 'gossip' that i had a crush on this girl, after the event. like an urban legend. however it was kind of funny and cute experience to remember how each of us dressed in colourful costumes, etc, and then sang this 'Layu Sebelum Kembang' by Broery Marantika together at the end of our performance. i had no idea it was by Broery as the teachers just asked us to sing the song...may be that was the top of the pop during mid 80s.
also, being kind of a blessed smart kids, my academic performance kind of impressive ( you bet!) as i had my self in 3-2-1 positions for the there major exams that with had that year, thus rewarded me to be on stage receiving the prize from the Chair of PIBG of our school.
it wasn't fun at all too to be in standard one, as most of us already heard that we would have to undergo this immunication thingy. ah..we had to strip our butt for the nurse, after few years since we were babies. hehe...i remember where all the boys tried to be tough etc. and made a lot of stories etc. just to show off and made the girls afraid...but it turned out some of those boys, cried. well..for my case, being kind of freak, i kept quite as i knew how much i scared. did i cry? hehe...u bet. i was able to control myself and as the nurse did the job pretty quick and talked to me nicely till i didn't realize it was done already. see how good they were?...hehe.
to be continued.

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