it's 4th of february already.
my body mass index is 24.9, which at the high-end of 'ideal', but even i'm now starting to control a bit my eating habit, i think i could pass the border anytime, as my plan to ride my maxi-rider at least thrice a week and get damn sweat sounds to be another only-wrtitten resolution. daaa....i tend to stuck with my lappie and the net during most of my free time, and really lazy to get my ass to do somethingelse. darn. need to change orelse i'm getting another spare tyre for myself.
i really need to be serious on this, as i'm starting to quit my habit to drink coffee, i tend to get myself 'sleepy' all day. it's weird, and i'm not sure it is because the coffee thing, even if i tried to get extra hours to sleep, it is still there. it's a mixed of 'sleepy' and 'pening' thing, it's like i just had a rollercoaster ride and i could sort of had this glance of 'mengelamun' even when i'm awake. i just assume that this might have something to do with 'more exercise' thing, as i remember Khidir's presentation on 'Sleep' few years back. theoretically, it sounds like, without enough exercise, your brain tend not get enough oxygen and your level of ' alertness' kind of low. i don't know how true it is, but i think it make sense. whatever.
had kind of good time for the past few weeks which more or less took me away bit from my worry on my transfer status. the monsoon camp with those kids and YPC, the long CNY break etc. kind of a breakaway for me. may be as my motivation to go to work kind of degrading lately, even it's still much better than before this, so i see these commitment other than work really helped me out.
i don't know.

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