mum cried as she told me about her bestfriend back when her days working in Kuantan, passed away for almost a week already. she means very much to her, as mum said she was like a big sister to her and gave her a lot of motivation and courage during those days.
her husband couldn't contact us earlier to tell the sad news as he couldn't find our contact number. as today he received the invitation card to my sis wedding today, he immediately called my parents to tell us the news.
mum just spoke to her last week, few days before she died. and it was long after the last time they spoke. mum told me that she sound, healthy and happy. even mum still feels the 'warm' conversation they had last week.
she means a lot to mum, as i never saw mum cried for a friend that much.
mum said, no wonder her left eye felt uncomfortable during past few days. i know it was kind of conservative to have such thought that something bad might happened, but mum's other friend told her, if her case, normally that would mean she's gonna it good or bad news.
i had a glance to think back, that me and mum are very closed, even i sometime didn't aware that much. part of me is what she is. her pain is my pain, the feeling of losing of somebody means that much to her, sort of within me as i keep thinking bout that and touched by it. even, when mum had this left-eye thing problem, i had it too. when mum feels unwell and got sick, i would feel it to, be it not as bad as her feels, but i will.
when mum cried today, as much as i touched by that, i couldn't help to think the right thing that she sometimes couldn't have it done, rightly.
to keep in touch as much as the person meant to her.
mum rarely contacted her. i know as we getting older and with more things we ourselves have, certain things need to be left, but not to be forgotten. we'd been to her late friend's house for few times only before, and as my memory serves me, it was during the day i was at school. i know mum loves her, and mum told me each year her late friend sent the kad raya etc. and mum keeps them safely.
but i don't know and see mum shows her appreciation on that. when i saw mum cried today, i felt a bit of her regret.
but love, in memory it lives forever.
and mum will always have her in her memory.
Al Fatihah buat Kak Nah.

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