when i am more than a bird (p3)

The day I received the news from En.Nusral, more or less marked almost 6 months from the day I completed my Dale Carnegie’s training somewhere in end of June 05. I made a promised during the first module of the training, that within 6 months I want to proof and make the other side that against me, to understand and respect my genuine intention and let me move on. I’m not sure the release is for the fact that they do have respect for my will and intention, but I’m sure I’ve fulfilled part of the promise that I made to myself.

I’m not sure whether the cycle is broken already or not, but I’m quite sure I am standing outside of it. I can’t say that I’m proud with myself, after all that happened throughout this journey, as I feel had caused much chaos and offended many people. But that’s one of the risks that I have to face for rocking the boat. May be, what my boss used to say is right, on the need to offend people at certain time, for us to move on. I can’t be a good boy for all time, if it is to be taken for granted.

I have made my choice.

It’s all about being persistent in connecting the dots of your future. It’s all about to stay hungry and stay foolish. It’s all about respect, love, believe and having faith. It’s all about determination, it’s all about not giving up. It’s all about accepting thing as fate, if it is truly a dead end, but never give up if there’s still way and hope.

The-kimster once wrote to me;

‘If Allah has decreed something is ours, then it’s ours no matter how hard some people try to sabotage us. If it’s not meant for us, benda yang dah telan sampai tekak kat tekak pun boleh muntah balik’.
This victory is a reflection of all the love and thoughts given my most people who’s been with me walking along this journey. They have never giving up to remind me on what kimster told me, and I feel thankful for that. The believe, trust and faith, shown are beautiful and I am flattered. You guys remind me on what Mike Buble sang in his lovely ‘Home’ ;

‘Even this is not your dream, you believe in me’.

This victory is ours.

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